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How to clean a beauty blender.

The last thing you want to happen to you on a cold, early morning is for your bedroom light to pop.. Welcome to my life. Luckily I had some extra time this morning to get ready (thank the lord for late starts at sixth form) and so I took my makeup across the hall to the bathroom which had a working source of light.

Whilst I was in there I decided to wash (or at least attempt) my trusty Real Techniques beauty blender sponge.

Easier said then done.

I attempted to get some of the foundation and concealer out of it by just squeezing it under running water but it didn’t exactly work. I got very messy hands, the water scolded my skin and my sponge swelled to the size of a freaking orange. I had a lot of product left in the sponge but I decided it was best to stop there before I ripped it. You see I don’t have an en suite or a source of water in my bedroom where I do my makeup each morning, so I very rarely wash it, mainly because of time limits but partially because i can’t be bothered. Safe to say it was this morning that made me realise the importance of regularly washing your makeup brushes and sponges.

When I had some spare time I searched on google to find someone who had had the same problems as me, so that I felt a tad less like a twat and I found a few don’t worry (we aren’t alone). I saw a lot of gag worthy pictures of mouldy beauty blenders and ones that had far too much product in them and that was when I decided 1- to stop searching for mouldy beauty blender pictures, and 2- to try a method of cleaning mine when I got home.

Luckily I have younger siblings and baby products seem to be gentle yet effective enough to clean anything makeup related. I grabbed some Johnsons baby wash which is available at drugstores and also supermarkets at a cheap price and added s little to a bowl of warm water. I added enough that there were a few bubbles and mixed it in to the water until you could feel the product in the water (if that makes sense? basically when I took my hand out the water I could feel the soap on my hands). I then used my previous squeezing method until the makeup started to come out. Do not squeeze the sponge too hard or it will rip, I learned that the hard way with my first one. When most of the makeup was out and the sponge returned to its orange sized form, I got as much water as possible out by hand, set it on a towel and left it for a few hours by a partially opened window (to air dry it). Do not put it in an enclosed space like a makeup bag or drawer when its wet because apparently that’s how the bacteria grow which causes mould. After a while, mine took around and hour, it should return to its normal size and should feel almost fully dry. Try to keep it out in open space until its fully dry just in case, beauty blenders ain’t cheap.

That’s all I did, simple I know but if anyone else was struggling with this issue then I hope I could be of some use with this post. Now its time for me to actually take off my makeup, which may I add is the worst task in the world, and return to watching how to get away with murder wooo. Goodnight.

Till next time,

Abby x

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Anna Saccone necklace review

11th July 2016

Dear diary,

As some of you guys may know, it was my birthday just under a month ago. One thing that I asked for from my generous parents was a necklace with my star sign on it (Gemini) from Anna SacconeJoly’s range with The necklace arrived a week late which sucked but we left it a little late to order it, it takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive as it needs to be shipped etc. My necklace is a Gemini gold silver plated medium length necklace…. and I loveeee it! It looks amazing with every outfit and I’ve had many compliments about it. The products is slightly pricey but it is amazing quality and I can tell it will last many years, so worth the money if you’re willing to take the splurge.

There are silver and rose gold options also available but I decided to go for the gold as this is what Anna wears and it looks so lovely and flattering on her. The package was  very lovely, with a little not from the company telling the context of the range and giving a touching picture of Anna and her father, which I have kept (I hope that’s not creepy haha).

So I’ve had the necklace for a few weeks now and I’ve worn it almost every day! It pulls every outfit together and makes it appear that I’ve put a lot more effort in to choosing my outfit then I actually have.

Overall, it is a fantastic purchase, a durable and lovely piece of jewelry that I would recommend having in your collection. Well done Anna, I for one love your collection and admire you as a person. (if you happen to be reading this).

Here is the link to Anna’s collection with Stilnest (including bracelets and necklaces):

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A little note… I’ve broken up for summer holidays now. Job hunting, holiday packing and trying to start youtube! Exciting times but that does mean I’m not sure how often posts will be. There will be AT LEAST one per week. Mondays will not stop, I think I can do more, maybe 2 per week. I’m just not sure when that second day will be, it may be different each week. Please do talk to me on any of my social media, tell me you came from my blog! Need some pals hahaha. Ps. I’m filming my first YT vid tomorrow YEY!!!

Till next time,

Abby x

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Why you need to discuss hard feelings and how I learnt the hard way.

Monday 13th June 2016

Dear diary,

I completed my first day back at sixth form and I’m already sooo done with it but hey ho gotta carry on, 3 weeks and 3 days left.. but who’s counting?

So I was talking to my friend today who was telling me about an argument that she had with one of her closest friends and thankfully they apologized and made up , but this doesn’t always happen so smoothly. It reminded me of one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Last year I fell out with my BEST friend (ex i guess now). Sounds childish but the ending of a friendship can be just as heartbreaking as the end of a relationship, if not worse, which this one certainly was.

So in 2013 I met my best friend. She was new to my school and some of my friends were showing her around, so of course she was introduced to me. Then completely by coincidence we ended up sitting next to each other in multiple different lessons and quickly bonded over our weirdness and love of Selena Gomez. Over the next 2 years we made an unbreakable bond which meant a hell of a lot to me because she was the first proper best friend I had ever had. Before her I was always the third wheel who got in the way of other peoples friendships and never had my own close friend. This shattered my confidence and I learned to hate school because for me, it was a place of loneliness. I like to think that it wasn’t my personality that prevented me from getting a best friend but rather that my social anxiety (which i keep banging on about i know im sorry) actually meant that I was so shy that I never had the confidence to start a conversation with anyone. When I met my ex BFF I decided that she was gonna be the one and I put all my effort into getting close to her, which I did quite successfully if I do say so my self. Our friendship was the single best thing that’s ever came into my life. Sound super lame but its as if she was like a gift from God himself to help me gain confidence and then leave when the job was completed.

BUT obviously this isn’t a happy story.

This girl was a piece of work. We were from completely different places, countries in fact. Her family was super rich and mine was not, she was soooo much more popular than I was and ALLLLLLLLL of the boys preferred her, yep. I was that friend. She also had tons of friends from outside of our school, most from her old school. One in particular she became really close with, but only after she left that school. She started hanging out with her more and that sucked because it kinda just rubbed in my face that she had other friends and mine were.. lets say limited? yeah, that’ll work. She just seemed perfect and I guess I was jealous? Well if I could be her I certainly would, she even has a stunning boyfriend now surprise surprise. All of these negative feelings bottled up inside of me because I couldn’t tell her face to face. I couldn’t tell her because I was so scared that the friendship would end, and that was the last thing I wanted. Then one day, you guessed it. My big mouth couldn’t hold it all in anymore.

I got angry because she wouldn’t come to see my favourite band with me. Stupid and spoilt I know but when all these feeling are inside you, the littlest thing can set it all of. Like a ticking time bomb that could explode in an instant. All of these feelings were spilling out in quite an angry tone and she was very quick to defend herself I’ll tell you that. She was so in denial that it annoyed me more and the argument was very heated very quickly. We argued probably all day and then didn’t talk for about a week. Then I caved in and realised that I had ruined everything. Me being terrified of loosing her, I typed a huge apology which took me ages now that I think about it and it contained all of the love that I had for her and how much she meant to me. I’ll tell you a secret, I wasn’t sorry at all. I didn’t want to loose my BFF and if lying was the way to get her back then lying is what I would do. ooops, let that one slip. She didn’t take it well, in fact she told me that she never wanted to talk to me again. So I cried, I cried a lot for a long time and we didn’t talk again.

Until… A few days before we started sixth form she apologised. We agreed to be civil and for the first few days of sixth form we went back to normal. But then, plot twist, guess who else shows up at our sixth form. Her new BFF (which was the one I talked about from her old school). Yep. you can imagine how pissed i was. I hated this girl. I couldn’t bear to be around her and so me and my ex bff went back to hating each other. 2 against 1, not fair at all if you ask me but I eventually got through it. I have a bomb ass group of friends who I love dearly and although the spot for my BFF is still standing (feel from to fill that) I feel better than ever.

Sometimes bottling up your hostile feelings towards someone who you love can turn them into your worst enemy, TALK TO THEM FOR GODS SAKE! Work it out before it gets to late, if I had talked about my feelings then I may still be besties with her, of course I’d be sharing *sarcastic YEY*  but oh well that’s over now. If there is someone negative in your life please remove them A.S.A.P and even though it may take some getting used to (I’m still getting used to it, everytime I see them together I die a bit inside, sad times) it’s worth it, you don’t need the negativity.

It feels good to talk about this and hopefully in the future I can write about a new friend who means so much to me. One day.

remove the negative. remove the negative. remove the negative.


Till next time,

Abby x

P.s Pwoah that was deep but it needed discussing. Expect more posts soon, I’ll try and make them good, maybe someone will read them hahahah

P.s.P.s I just read this through and it literally sounds like an extract from a young teens book, how cool would this be as a book?! Added to the bucket list which doesn’t actually exist. Also this post is quite long, congrats if you’re still reading. Anyways, as you were.

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A Wedding

Wednesday 20th April,

Dear Diary,

On Saturday I attended me aunty Louise’s wedding. It was a day that I had been waiting to arrive for around 2 years so of course this whole year so far has gone painfully slowly but the weirdest thing happened when I awoke on the day.. I didn’t want to go.

I felt that my outfit wasn’t suitable, my shoes were too summery, my make was going to look awful and my hair was not going to cooperate. I dragged myself out of bed at 6am to start getting ready which was hard enough after a full week at sixth form and although I felt and certainly looked a little dead, I powered on through and managed to get ready for 9.30am. I went for a simple look, mainly because of the lack of time I had but it didn’t turn out too bad. I curled my hair using hair straighteners to give a simpler look and used the products featured in the picture to create my natural wedding makeup look.

The products I used/ wore were:

  • Remington Keratin Therapy hair straightener
  • Nars sheer glow foundation in mont blonc
  • Rimmel wake me up concealer in light beige
  • Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
  • Urban decay naked basics palette
  • Estee Lauder double wear foundation
  • Sleek eyebrow kit in dark brown
  • Benefit they’re real mascara
  • Rimmel blush
  • Maybelline contur and highlight kit
  • Soap and glory supercar eye liner
  • Charlotte Tillbury lip liner in nude
  • Maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick in nude embrace
  • Ariana Grande for Lipsy floral bandeau prom dress
  • Miss Selfridge ivory Jersey blazer
  • Marks and Spencer two block heel sandals in white

The wedding exceeded my expectations and I truly had a wonderful day, I’m definitely paying for the 2am late night I had now but it was worth it. I will include some pictures of the locations where we were because they were beautiful. The ceremony was at Lumley Castle and the reception was at the Little Haven Hotel, South Shields.

Next time you really don’t want to do something just think about how wonderful it could be because if I hadn’t have got my ass out of bed and went, I would’ve missed out big time. Till next time,

Abby x



Invade my privacy tag

Saturday 9th April 2016

Dear diary,

I am aware that I haven’t posted for 12 days, that is the exact reason why I can not and do not actually keep a diary. Truth is that I have been doing absolutely nothing and have no excuse for not posting. For being so rubbish I decided to to a tag so that you can get to know me better. That is is anyone reads this.

Did you wake up cranky?

This morning, surprisingly not, I was quite impressed that I woke earlier than 11am to be honest but every other morning… Yes. I am not a morning person.

Would you date an 18 year old at your current age?

Yes, I’m almost 17 so I think that would be fine.

Do you prefer being friends with boys or girls?

I have no preference. Most of my friends are girls but being friends with boys can be fun, they don’t mind farting or weirdness and they’re much more likely to keep a secret.

Would you ever smile at a stranger?

Of course, I do it more often than I should even just to people I walk past in the street. I don’t do it all the time though because for the most part I just get blanked or get a strange look in response.

How do you look right now?

Like an absolute nutter. I’m in Minnie mouse PJs with a green face fask on and wet hair.. Great look.

How often do you listen to music?

I like to fall asleep listening to music and also any bus journey must include music, and I use a lot of busses.

Do you wear jeans or sweats more?

Jeans but only because it makes me look more put together and less tired than I actually am. I wish I owned more sweats, I definitely prefer them over jeans.

Do you think your life will dramatically change before 2017?

It could but I wouldn’t expect it. Obviously anything could happen but I can only hope that if something does chamge, that it is for the better.

Are you good at hiding your feelings?

I’m the best! Years of practice. It’s very hard to read me and most of the time no one can guess how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.

Do you care if people talk badly of you?

It depends who it is. I care if anyone talks bad about me but I’m a lot more inclined to feel bad about it if I have and have had a personal relationship with that person. I can usually shove it off, I’m rarely upset.

Name something that you have to do tomorrow?

Finish my work and revise for going back to sixth form on Monday seen as my exams are in like 5 weeks. Uh oh.

Name something that you’ve disliked about today?

The fact that I didn’t finish my work and revise for sixth form on Monday like I had planned.

Are you nice to everyone?

I’d like to think that I am, only time I’m not nice is if I have a reason to.

Does anyone hate you?

Only a handful of people spring to mind, ex friends but that can’t really be changed now and I’m not phased by it.

Are you social or antisocial?

I come across as very antisocial but that’s because I’ve always been quite shy and also due to the fact that my friends live ages away from me. I’m actually a really social person but not a lot of people get to see that side to me.

Are you a jealous person?

Yes, but only when I give people 100% and I only get part of that back because they have someone else that they’re giving 100% to, that annoys me.

If you had to delete one year of your life forever, which one would it be?

2011. By far the worst year of my life and I was only 11 years old. I made a lot of mistakes and was very unhappy that year. I try not to ever think about it.

Did you have a dream last night?

A nightmare actually. I won’t go into depth as it could be offensive but basically Donald Trump won the election and something terrible happened in the shopping centre and my sister and I almost died, I never got to see the ending.

Is your life different to what it was 2 years ago?

Completely. New school, new friends, I had a comfortable routine back then and the best friends I could’ve had but now that’s all changed.

Do you repeat things that have happened in your head?

All the time, the good and bad memories. Usually when I’m in the shower or before I go to bed.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

I want to be successful and happy so that my family (if I have one) van be stable and full of joy. I want people to be happy and if I can make that happen then that’s what I want to do.

That was deep, I’m going to do some more posts like this soon but I have some planned for the next few weeks. Till next time,

Abby x


A rant about why you should be body confident.

I had so many ideas about how to write this post but in the end I decided that a rant would be more suitable, because I HATE this topic with a passion.

Sunday 27th March 2016 (EASTER)

Dear Diary,

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty”- Dr. Steve Maraboli

Today I was perusing on Twitter when I saw a young girl, who I don’t know, tweet about how she was “too fat” and how she was depressed because of the way she looks. To me this just suggested that she didn’t look like a celebrity, because they’re who we all compare ourselves too, even if we don’t like to admit it. It did upset me quite a lot because I understood her and could relate to how she was feeling as I have been in that dark pit of a place labelled depression myself. It also got me thinking, because I have learnt a lot over my years as a media student about representations, stereotypes and the devil itself.. The media.

People nowadays, not necessarily just women, have a consistent dark cloud above their heads that  is filled with the image of how they see themselves and the image of how they ‘should’ look.We all know that the main goal in terms of how we look is to strive for perfection but do we actually know what perfection is?

The answer is no, because it does NOT exist.

Whether your goal is to look like Gigi Hadid, Blair Waldorf or even just the pretty girl who you stalk on instagram, there must be something about that person that you see as perfect, otherwise this would disrupt your path to perfection. So what is perfection?

Perfection in the way of our body image is the idea that we have gathered from various different forms of media to create this stereotype of the ideal person or ideal body. This stereotype has been repeated and repeated for years, which has made us as an audience accept it as the ‘norm’. This image has been drilled into our brain and has brainwashed us as a generation to think that this is how we should look if we want to be accepted by society. and i’m sorry but that’s just not true

The image itself probably originated from the ideology that women were just an ‘object’ for men and we were something sacred, something to look at rather independent people. This obviously has been proved wrong and although we cannot yet say that there is full gender equality, we’re certainly getting there.

The media has constructed this image through a little trick that they call ‘gatekeeping’. This is basically where they only show certain aspects of something rather than all of it. For example a model on a billboard. Yes they may look perfect on that billboard but that isn’t actually what they look like (completely). The image goes through a long photoshop session where acne, scars, cellulite, places with lumps and bumps or extra weight is removed, as if it was never there in the first place. So really you aren’t seeing the model, you’re seeing how to model has been constructed to look. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? This image is what we compare ourselves to, a construction.

As humans we naturally compare ourselves to this image, it’s completely normal to do this because after all we just want to be accepted and not judged by others but before you go to do it the next time, just realize that nobody actually looks like that. Not even the model in the picture. I realize that I’ve rambled.

Point is, people are comparing themselves to something that is impossible to achieve in order to conform to the ideas that the media has brainwashed us with. Know that people come in all different shapes and sizes and your body is perfect in its own way. Do not feel the need to change who you are or how you look in order to conform to these crazy ideas because as long as you are happy and healthy, nothing can stop you from being confident. Confidence is key to being successful so focus on the present and scrap those silly ideas that you view as perfection, put ’em in the bin.

Sorry this was so long but I did warn you that I was passionate about this topic. Till next time,

Abby x

body confidence quote