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Almost 5 months…. sorry. That’s a new record for me being lazy.

This post is gonna be completely honest so I’ll start by saying I just haven’t been feeling like blogging in a long time. I nearly gave up on writing this post multiple times.

Today marks an important day in my life, I’m free from education!

Today I sat my last exam and finished sixth form which seemed like a far fetched dream a year ago, I wasn’t sure I’d make it out alive. A-levels drained me so bad, no one gives people enough credit for getting through it.

I also passed my driving test yesterday morning after 2 previous failed attempts which I am so pleased about because I was starting to think I’d never do it.

I don’t have anything else to say, not that much has happened. I turned 18,got myself some new besties and planned some really fun summer trips before uni in September. I’m also going back into performing this summer which will be great.

I’ll keep you updated.

Abby x

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Brittany Murphy.

Today, November 10th 2016 , would’ve marked the 39th birthday of my favourite actress and true inspiration Brittany Murphy.

She is a beautiful soul, a little ray of light and a graceful angel who had a tragic ending. I can’t put in to words how much she means to me and to think of her passing hurts my heart so much. I wish I had a chance to tell her this in person, but until then she’ll stay in my best thought, wishes, dreams and prayers. I love you Brittany x