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Fenwick’s Christmas Window.

Fenwick is a store in Newcastle that sells everything imaginable, especially around Christmas. It has a never ending amount of floors that I could spend hours looking around. It’s HUGE! At Christmas time they have a little tradition that is very well known and celebrated in the North East which an annual Christmas window display. This can be any story which is told through displays and music.

This year the window was celebrating Beatrix Potter’s 150th anniversary and so had displays of all of her most recognizable characters. It’s adorable. I took plenty of pictures for you to enjoy seen as not everyone has the pleasure of having one of these displays around. I really wanted to film it but I felt that pictures would be more suited so that I could write a post about it. This is a wonderful tradition and if you are in Newcastle in the winter I couldn’t recommend popping by more. So much fun, suitable for the whole family and gives a real sense of community to those standing by. Here’s some pictures of this years (sorry bout Greggs’ cameo in the background, not much I could do about that!).

Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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Take me out & London.

I’m not even sure where to start!! The past few days have been absolutely MANIC to say the least but  I’ve had the best time away.

Monday morning at 5.30am my alarm went off, the plan was to get up, shower, curl my hair, get dressed, finish packing and be out of the house by 7. That did not happen. Instead I turned off my alarm and fell back asleep. My mam then woke me up at 6 and I cried because I started panicking that I wouldn’t be ready in time. Sacrificed my shower and food to try and curl my hair, shoved everything imaginable into my overnight bag and managed to scramble into the car at 7.15am. Rush hour. We then proceeded to get lost on the way to Amy’s house to pick her up and got to her house at around 8.40am. That should’ve been fine, but did I mention that it was rush hour?

We got to sixth form at 7.58, two minuted before the coach left. Now I’m not one to leave things to the last minute because I get extremely stressed and anxious and I can now assure you that I get it from my mother, she was having a full blown panic attack trying to get us there on time. We were a state when we got there, I’m sure you can imagine that.

What were we rewarded with? Oh yes, a 7 hour bus journey. FAB. We stopped after 4 hours at a service station in Peterborough and got a McDonalds (which was well deserved) . I still hadn’t eaten before this so I was feeling a lot better after this stop. We made it into Kent around 3pm and we were already an hour late might I add. Did you notice that I said Kent and not the hotel? Well that’s because we got stuck in standstill traffic for another hour. We got to the hotel at 4pm which should’ve been fine BUT we had to leave at 4.20pm for take me out. No time for a buffet tea, we sprinted to our rooms to get ready in 20 minutes, which included makeup and a full outfit change. On the way downstairs to get to our room my worst nightmare happened. I went and fell didn’t I. I managed to miss a step and went flying down the stairs. Luckily because I was holding all my stuff and Amy’s stuff it was a well padded landing and it didn’t hurt at all but it definitely looked worse, talk about embarrassing. I’m so clumsy honestly it wouldn’t be a trip unless I did something stupid.

So at 4.20 we were all stuffed onto the coach again for another half hour trip to the Maidstone studios in Kent where take me out was being filmed. After grabbing a few drinks in the bar and waiting around for hours we were allowed into the studio. At bag inspection Amy’s chewing gum was confiscated which upset her dearly but she got it back at the end of the show after storming the table to find it haha.

All 28 of us on the trip were sat in the back section of the studio for a while but then one of the security informed our teacher that there were 5 seats in the front row available for us. Guess who got them?? I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW!! The show consisted of a lot of clapping, dancing and laughing, I loveeeed it! Not only was there an amazing atmosphere and great show, Paddy McGuinness was in touching distance and cameraman extraordinaire Phil Piotrowsky was stood right next to me. I can’t stress enough how much fun it was so if there’s ever a chance to go I highly suggest you check it out. Plus, everyone gets on TV. Find me in the audience ITV’s Take Me Out in series 9, airing in January. Mam I’m famous!!


(Phil for those of you who don’t know him. What a silver fox!)

Tuesday consisted of packing, BREAKFAST and more traveling, yawn. After breaky we had another 2hour 30min journey to Covent Garden. Because of traffic issues we only had 2 hours there but its my favourite place in the world so I didn’t even mind. Zoe, Amy and I had our first Shake Shack which was delightful. I had cheesy chips and the best shack made lemonade I’ve ever tasted. We then had a mooch around the designer shops, we didn’t have enough time to buy anything but just to spend time with my favourite people was enough for me.

The coach back was horrendous, it felt twice as long as the journey there and I felt really travel sick, which I usually don’t get. I slept for about an hour and just rested and chilled for the rest, I was all chatted out and I wanted to sleep haha unsociable much?

I had such a lovely time away, sixth form today was so depressing after having two lovely days off. That’s all for today, till next time,

Abby x

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A Trip to Normandy, France

Monday 8th August 2016

Dear Diary,

First of all, apologies for not posting whilst away. There was literally not one drop of WiFi anywhere and I was gone for just under two weeks, safe to say I almost died.

Also an unexpected thing happened.. WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND! It was the best surprise ever and my mental age of 7 went absolutely mad with excitement. I’m doing a post about the trip to Disneyland on Wednesday which will include videos as I actually half vlogged it, if you want to see what I got up to.

Posts will now be more frequent as I want to work on developing this blog over the next year. Expect a new post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, I’m excited to see where this blog goes. Enjoy the post 🙂 x

So, as you may know from my last post, the first day was an early one. I spent 8 HOURS in a car with my family which nearly drove me (literally) insane. Then a 4 hour ferry. Then guess what.. ANOTHER 3 HOUR DRIVE. I will not be doing that trip ever again. We stayed on a campsite owned by the company Siblu in Normandy, France. I’m not sure of the exact location but it was in between the cities of Saint-Lo and Bayeux.

We spent the week on the rural campsite. It was relatively quiet but that may be because the Brits were a serious minority. No one spoke English which was quite hard but the beauty of the place saved it from being a crap time. We visited the Bayeux Tapestry and had a picnic after exploring the village around the Tapestry museum. There was a river flowing all around the village and the streets were filled with colour and liveliness. Bayeux is one of the only places in Normandy that was not left ruined by the second world war and there is so much history everywhere, it is a lovely place to visit if you want to experience culture and learn the history of new places.

Experiencing the history meant that we had to visit the D-Day landing beaches and the war cemetery. We went to three different beaches and saw the tributes that have been left for those who lost their lives during that time, its very overwhelming but beautiful. I saw a remembrance stone tributed to a 17 year old male. That has stuck with me to this day because that poor boy was the same age of me and that completely shocked me and woke me up from the day dream that we all have of ‘I’m fine, the world is fine‘ because that’s just not the truth. There are still soldiers loosing their lives fighting for our peace and safety, I’m so glad I have seen this as I feel like now I respect the topic a whole lot more than I did before. I defiantly recommend visiting if you ever have the chance.

Also, I made a video of all I got up to in the week I was in Normandy, the link is here: (it is unlisted, so only you guys with the link can watch it. Let me know if I should make it public or not)

New Disney themed post on Wednesday, till then,

Abby x

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Saturday 23rd July 6.36AM

Dear diary,

I am so sorry that there was no post on Monday, I honestly forgot and my the time I realised, it was too late and the post would’ve been awful. I have some good post plans ready for this summer that I’m so excited to share with you guys.

So it’s currently 6.38AM and I’m awake in bed typing this post because in a few hours I will be making my way to a place called Normandy in France. That means one thing and one thing only… The Waughs are off on their holidays. We will be gone for 13 days (I think?) but expect some posts even if they are just short ones because I’ll need am excuse to go to the wifi hotspots ( mainly because I WILL need a break from my fam at some points hahahah).

From what I’ve read, Normandy is quite a rural but beautiful place with lots of history, museums and stunning architecture so you better be excited for some pictures and blog posts about what I get up to.

Again, sorry about this weeks post but I promise I will catch up on posts and most weeks when I return from France there will be more than one post a week.

I’m almost at 300 followers as well… That’s crazy so thank you so much, it means a lot when people read these.

Lastly, feel free to comment as always or message me on any of my social media, don’t be shy. If any of you have been to Normandy or anywhere near it please leave a comment with suggestions of where to go, that would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, till next time,

Abby x

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ps. Sorry about the short post. The wait will be worth it for some banging posts I promise, love you x


An unexpected religious experience

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March 2016

Dear Diary,

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”- Buddha

I had never felt as consciously pessimistic about any trip in my life. I had agreed to go on a two day Buddhist ‘extravaganza’ to the Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery in Scotland as part of my A level religious studies course, I wasn’t exactly enthused. Luckily I had my friend Madison to go with, who was equally pessimistic about the whole situation and knew how to make every situation hilarious (which doesn’t always go down well in a temple). The thoughts that sprung to mind about what I thought the trip would be like were mainly: cold, rainy, cringy and awkward which certainly isn’t my idea of fun. Let’s just say that this place absolutely defied my expectations.

The 2 and a half hour bus journey wasn’t the best. It was cramped and loud but that’s where Maddie stepped in to distract me and calmed my anxiety about the whole situation (because stepping outside of my comfort zone sends my anxiety through the roof!). We chatted the WHOLE time, which is unusual for me as I’m quite a timid person around people who I haven’t known for a long time and by the time we arrived, my nerves were well under control. The weather when we arrived was beautiful, the first proper sun I had seen all year and made for some pretty pics.

For the remainder of the trip we had a tour, ate some Buddhist meals (which weren’t great ngl), lots of pringles (because the meals tasted like crap), saw some Buddhist practices and had a q+a session with a nun. It was so surreal and different but in a way it was the most calming experience, my anxiety didn’t spark at any point. We were taught how to meditate properly and it has seriously inspired me to include meditation in my life more often as it is a life saver for those who suffer with anxiety.

I now have an incredible amount of respect for Buddhism and I feel like their teachings and practices will really come in useful for me at times. It’s amazing to see how some people have completely devoted their lives to this religion and showing kindness and compassion at all times, this is something that seemed so hard to me but with the right mindfulness it is possible.

To show my respect to the religion, I now wear a red string around my left wrist to represent compassion and as a reminder to always have right mindfulness.

Lastly, I apologize for the poor writing skills. I have put off writing this first post for weeks now but I really do want to keep this blog updated. I hope this first topic was a goodin’. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the trip. Till next time,

Abby x