Abby is the creator of ohdearydiaries, a platform that focuses on real life and being the best version of yourself. Born and raised in the Newcastle, England, Abby is currently completing her final year of sixth form and will be going to University in September of this year to study Media.

In March 2016, after one of the toughest years of her life she decided to start a blog to give herself a platform where she could express herself and her feelings through writing, which is a passion of hers. Little did she know that the toughest part of her life was yet to come.

From 2017 Abby aims to share a new start and a new lifestyle with her readers. A mainly vegan diet, the development of a fitness routine and the beginning of a new person is recorded on this blog. She aims to share her experiences from the past with her readers and have a bond with them so that she can be there for them when they may need her, as she did not have anyone to go to herself.

Abby also writes once a week for a website called mytrendingstories.com which is a great platform which has articles written about anything and everything by bloggers and writers from other websites. Follow her articles here: https://mytrendingstories.com/profile/abby-waugh/

Abby is a positive and prominent figure online and hopes to share this influence with many. She embraces what it is to be human and is no longer afraid to be herself. Self-love and a healthy, happy life is what she is hoping to share with the world and wants you to join her in her mission to have a fresh start to a better life!

Twitter: abbywaughh

Instagram: abbywaughh

Snapchat: abbywaughx

YouTube: ohdearydiaries

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