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20 minute at home workout.

My first week of my transformation is over! Its been challenging and I’ve definitely not been as strict with myself as I should’ve been but thats okay, there’s always time to make a change, and that will happen this week.

One thing I have loved is an easy workout for beginners that challenges your body but isn’t overly impossible enough to make you quit halfway through. I got it from the youtube channel RawAllignment who has been a huge inspiration for me for a while now.

Here’s the workout:


-Squats (10 reps)
– Burpees with pushups (10 reps) *Modify on knees if too hard
– Good mornings (10 reps)
– Jumping jacks (10 reps)
– Lunges (10 reps each side)
– Pushups (10 reps) *Modify on knees if too hard
– Leg raises (10 reps)
– Russian twists (10 reps) *1 rep = touch floor on both sides

Beginner 1-2 sets
Intermediate 3-4 sets
Advanced 5-6 sets

Watch Alyse do it here: workout

I do this workout on a Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Friday morning and Saturday afternoon and I always feel great afterwards!

Let me know if you try this workout and I’ll see you again tomorrow! Also, I’m writing an article today about my experience with the application/ lead up to university on my trendingstories, read it on my profile here

Till next time,

Abby x

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