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Day 2: Self Love

No matter who you are or what you do you should be taking a little portion of your day to practice self-love, this is something that I’ve lacked in the past but am incorporating into my daily routines and loving so far! The title self-love sounds a tiny bit inappropriate but I can assure you it is not that.

Self love can be anything that allows you to appreciate yourself more whether that is doing something your passionate about, taking a long bath or just telling yourself in the mirror that you are worthy of happiness. I am not an expert by any means but I’m going to share with you my top self love routines, enjoy.♥

1. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Its as easy as that! When you wake up just remind yourself that you love yourself and that you are worthy of all that you want in life. This gets the subconscious going from early on in the morning and will boost your moral, leaving you significantly less depressed and exhausted in the morning. Even better, say it in the mirror and hug yourself, seems weird and pathetic I know but having that experience in the morning can really start your day off right.

2. Get moving. I’m a hypocrite for pointing this out but when people wake up nowadays, they check their phones and 2 hours later, they’re still in bed on their phones. I do it all the time as well but really as soon as you wake up try to force yourself out of bed and get your body moving. A little exercise in the mornings can get your blood pumping and you’ll feel so much more awake after it. That can just be 10 minutes of walking, a few muscle toning exercises or a few runs up and down the stairs. When I wake up I do x20 crunches, x20 push ups and x2 squats. I do three sets of this and then do x50 rises. This tones muscle without too much physical movement and helps build strength and wakes you up without you even realising, plus you feel much better after it.

3. Eat healthy food in the morning. To get your body fuelled and ready for the day, try to have some fruit in the mornings. I know when you’re rushing round trying to catch the school bus its tempting to grab a chocolate bar to eat on the go but why not wake up a little earlier and have some porridge or some weetabix. Then grab an apple or banana and your good to go. Filling your body with fruit makes your whole body function better and the benefits of having fruits is unbelievable! Find a bunch of fruits that you love and stock up next time the shopping gets done, trust me you’ll feel so much nicer fuelled by fruit.

4. Drink water. Its actually been proven that you don’t need 8 glasses of water a day and that your body will tell you when its thirsty but whats the harm in drinking water? It washes all of the nasty stuff out of your body and leaves you feeling so fresh and ready to go. I tend to only drink water unless its a special occasion and I aim to have at least 6 glasses per day. This doesn’t always happen but water definitely does make my life a whole lot easier. Its so easy to access, take a water bottle to work or school, most places have water fountains to refill. Why drink sugary, acidic drinks when water is right in front of you?

5. Go outside. This seems like an obvious thing but sometimes, especially at the weekends its easy to make a habit of becoming a hobbit and not leaving the house. Try to get outside and let the light rays hit you for at least 10 minutes a day. Go for a walk around the block, the local park or even just clean the cars. If its sunny why not do some work outside? Just a little time outside will improve your day and again, leaves you feeling refreshed and more awake.

6. Meditate. Right mindfulness and being in the present moment without distractions is pure bliss. For just 10 minutes a day, sit in silence, focus on your breaths with no distractions and feel your body in the moment. Doing this the you wake up will drop all emotions and feelings from the past and leave you in a more optimistic mood for the day, doing this before bed will leave you feeling peaceful and will send you to sleep much sooner. Why not do both and feel the benefits? If you are struggling download the app Headspace, I’m a huge fan and I’ve used it for years when I’ve struggled concentrating. Interested in meditation and buddhism? Here’s a simple introduction to Buddhism: and here’s a guide to meditation and extra information about its use in Buddhism:

7. Read. So easy, take some time to read! Whether its a book or an article it does’t matter but having n active mind does matter. This can be done in a break for 15 minutes or on a bus journey. Public transport on a morning is packed with readers, join them. It’s far more beneficial than watching TV and can actually help you if you read the right stuff. Become an expert in a topic or genre, it’ll pay off.

8. Dance. My last step is to dance, be weird and let loose every once in a while. Put on some songs that you listened to as a child, put on some comfy clothes and lip sync to your hearts content. Not only is it a weak form of exercise but it boosts the spirit and lightens your day, especially after a bad day or event. Its even better with friends so if you ever have a sleepover or a night in with friends, put on some tunes (or even better, the Mamma Mia sing along film).

That’s my self love steps for you today, I’ll write another post tomorrow about easy at home workouts for beginners. Till then,

Abby x ♥

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