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My Christmas Eve.

Well this is it, the final day of blogmas! I DID IT!! It has most certainly been an eye opener for me, there have been days where I didn’t want to post at all and when I had just completely forgot until late at night but nevertheless I still completed it.. I’m satisfied. It taught me most importantly that blogging daily is harder than it sounds and I’m glad I learned that before I committed to anything.

December has seen me through some great times but mostly bad times, it’s been a crappy month for me really but it can only go up from here on. I’m ready to not feel shitty again.

Here’s how I spent my Christmas eve:

First off, I had a lie in, always great as I don’t get a lot of them. When I woke up I chilled on my phone for a long while, got up, ate and got dressed. I then traveled to my Nanna and Grandad’s house with my mam and brother to pop in before tomorrow and give them gifts. We stayed and chatted for about an hour before hitting the road again to see my Aunty and Uncle to do the same thing. We watched the first Harry Potter together and caught up as we hadn’t seen each other in a good few months. Then once again we hit the road to pick up my sister from panto in Whitley Bay. Yes, she’s in it. I used to be in them as well but I gave that up to focus on school (stupid decision, I miss it). Then we came home and ate tea.

We then all got washed (not together obviously) and came out the bathroom to find that the christmas fairy had done her thing once again and delivered us christmas PJs. Yes, my mam still gets a kick out of that tradition 17 years later. We then had a family storytime which we do every year when we read ‘the night before christmas’, its pretty cute I know. Now the young ones are in bed and I’m getting ready to snuggle up and watch a christmas film before the big day!

I just want to say a massive thanks to anyone who pressed follow on my blog this year. I’ve been doing this since March and although I’ve not been very reliable, I’ve loved every second of it. And now that I’m used to the site and I know how it all works I can produce bigger and better things in 2017, BRING IT ON!

If you happen to be reading this then I wish you the happiest of Christmases and lots of festivities. Have a wonderful new year and I hope Santies’ good to you!

P.S. expect a new years post on Saturday 31st, the last day of the year, WHAT!?!?!?

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