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Fenwick’s Christmas Window.

Fenwick is a store in Newcastle that sells everything imaginable, especially around Christmas. It has a never ending amount of floors that I could spend hours looking around. It’s HUGE! At Christmas time they have a little tradition that is very well known and celebrated in the North East which an annual Christmas window display. This can be any story which is told through displays and music.

This year the window was celebrating Beatrix Potter’s 150th anniversary and so had displays of all of her most recognizable characters. It’s adorable. I took plenty of pictures for you to enjoy seen as not everyone has the pleasure of having one of these displays around. I really wanted to film it but I felt that pictures would be more suited so that I could write a post about it. This is a wonderful tradition and if you are in Newcastle in the winter I couldn’t recommend popping by more. So much fun, suitable for the whole family and gives a real sense of community to those standing by. Here’s some pictures of this years (sorry bout Greggs’ cameo in the background, not much I could do about that!).

Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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