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Lazy Days.

Do you ever have a really lazy day? Like as in you don’t brush your hair or you don’t shower, you wear disgusting clothes and makeup is a no go? Because I do all the time. I feel disgusting too, I don’t enjoy these days. I feel sweaty and completely unmotivated to do anything physical or social. I’m more than sure that a lot more people do this than I think but I really just hate those days. Its not relaxing because you spend the whole day thinking about the work you should be doing or the plans that are not being stuck to and that’s no fun. Today I was meant to do another makeup look and do a big blog post which I’ve had planned since I started blogmas. That did not get done, hense another shitty post, again I apologise for that.

I seriously look hideous on these days like unrecognisably ugly, I won’t let anyone other that my family see me like this for their own good, sometimes I feel bad for my famiky for seeing me in that state. Honestly I’m a mess. Today I had also planned on doing a heap load of school work to get it over and done with but again, none of this was done. In fact I just watched a film instead woops. I mean on the plus side its 8 days till Christmas! That’s something to motivate you.

Just wanted to share this with you today, sorry its not too great but its all I got. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember to plan ahead haha. Till tomorrow,

Abby x


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