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Mid December Update.

Firstly, I’ll start by referencing yesterdays post and inform you that my deadline for media was met and was done quite calmly. When I actually got to sixth form to finish it off and hand it in I was fine but this morning was a right mare. My alarm goes off at 6am so that I can leave at 7.30am and get to sixth form by 8.45ish. This morning I managed to sleep through both of my alarms and didn’t wake up until my mam came in at 7. I had to print out some of my coursework off at sixth form because the printer at home had no ink left (typical). That meant that I wanted to get the early bus to have plenty of time, that also leaving at 7.25am. I had 25 minutes to completely get ready and so makeup had to be sacrificed for the first time since I was in year 8. Safe to say I felt a little naked. But as soon as I got there I did my printing and submitted my moving image for production and it was all a doddle. NOW I HAVE TWO WEEKS OFF! It is officially Christmas time for me!

These 2 weeks are going to mark a change in me, this time I will sort my life out hahah. I am so unfit and unhealthy and unhappy at the minute and that needs to change, for me, not for anyone else. I want this and so I have to do it! Look out for the new me, coming to the world from tomorrow 🙂

I’m excited and so should you be, this is going to be a great holiday (I hope!). Enjoy your final days or week at school and have an amazing time off if you’ve already broken up! Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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