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Deadlines are scary right?

My deadline for my final media coursework is tomorrow, I’m actually upset about it seen as I’ve done sooooo much work towards it since June. Research after research on a topic that I really started to get bored of, but the past few weeks I’ve rediscovered my love for it and I’ve been working really hard on my work towards it. I chose to study Wes Anderson as an auteur director, and how he defies genres. This was pretty hard to find research on but in the end I got there, it was keeping it in the word limit that was the problem. God I bloody love es Anderson. Someone asked me the other day what was my favourite Wes Anderson film? And I actually couldn’t choose, thats like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. Its probably Moonrise Kingdom or The Darjeeling Limited but I don’t know, I just don’t know.

My EPQ deadline is slowly getting closer. And by slowly I mean quickly and I’m panicking. My English coursework is also due in soon, God help me. I hate deadlines, I hate coursework, I hate stress but I do love time off and tomorrow is the last day of term before Christmas!!

I’m going to end this post here due to the fact that its just sunk in that the deadline is TOMORROW, I need to do some more work and its already 9.30pm, God help me! Goodnight x

Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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3 thoughts on “Deadlines.”

  1. I feel you. My first submission date for my portfolio for uni is approaching and there are so many essays and practical pieces to get done in time. My deadline is the 26th of Jan. I don’t know if this is a bad thing or a good thing. Good because I have another month to do work and bad because I’ll be spending my Christmas holidays working on it :\ good luck with your work! I’m sure you’ll ace it. I did media for BTECH (A Level) and really enjoyed it, now doing graphic design. Art and creative subjects, I feel, because pretty much all the work is practical, is sometimes harder ahah! 🙂 xx

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