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2016 has been crazy.

It’s the 12th of December which only means one thing… we’re already halfway through blogmas! I’ve lasted, which is some kind of miracle. Trust me I’ve wanted to give up but I am determined to succeed at this, even if it never happens again. Writing original content everyday on top of deadlines and school stuff is awfully difficult, props to anyone who does this for a living.

Today I was doing some reflecting on this year and looking back to where I was in January.This year I feel that I have transformed in to a completely different person, looking at pictures of me from this time last year is amazing, I can hardly recognise myself! I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I’m going with good and hopefully this time next year I’ll be able to say the same thing about this year. I don’t know much about my future but I know that this time next year I will have completed my first term at University in either Stirling or York, I’ll have moved out, hopefully I’ll have more friends and most importantly I hope I’ll be a lot happier and healthier than I am now.

I’ve done quite a bit of travelling this year, especially in the car. Not anywhere amazing though, I didn’t leave Europe (even though the UK did) but Scotland, London, Kent, Portsmouth, Normandy, Paris, Leeds, York, Stirling, Berwick etc is a cultural experience for me… I don’t travel a lot haha. I’ve had plenty of amazing days and nights out with my friends and this year I definitely learnt who my real friends are.

2016 as a whole has just been insane. Trump will be president, Brexit was a thing, terrorism hit its peak and we lost a bunch of incredible people, some who I was closer to than others. I dread to think where we’ll be next year if these awful event continue.

I just really hope that I can continue to improve my life. I need to get my studies done, get my head in some books and work. I want to continue blogging, maybe a few days a week and I want to do good for my body. I hope that in the future I can look back at this post and say that I accomplished my goals.

Again, sorry for the short post, I’m really crap at this and I’m lacking motivation/ having extreme writers block. I’ll get better I promise, till tomorrow,

Abby x

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