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Lonely Hearts.

Today I watched a film that I hadn’t ever seen before called Lonely Hearts (2006). It’s the story of real life serial killers Ray Fernandez and Martha Beck and the cops’ determination to bring them down and give them capital punishment. It’s not an easy watch but the best films never are. I found it wildly romantic yet terrifying at the same time, I highly recommend it especially if you’re a fan of the crime drama genre. I watched it originally because of Jared Leto who is my favourite actor of anyone by far but also because of John Travolta who I’ve never seen in a serious role. They were both amazing and so were the rest of the cast. I most definitely have a girl crush on Salma Hayek now!

img_5148MCDLOHE EC008img_5150img_5151img_5152img_51532006 - Lonely Hearts - Movie Setimg_5155img_5156

Till tomorrow,

Abby x


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