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A Christmas Night In.

Guess what kinda day I’m having! Another terrible one! My worst nightmare happened today but I handled it very well. Someone who I’m not too happy with at the moment turned up at my door uninvited and started to shout at me for things that she had done.. not me. I wasn’t very happy. I stood up for myself, I grew some balls. And it paid off, I think they realised that I wasn’t actually in the wrong. So hopefully that gets rid of that issue, even if we aren’t on good terms. On a more positive note, I now have 3/5 Uni offers from the ones i really want to go to, 2 conditional and 1 unconditional!! WOOP WOOP happy gal.

Anyways, on to today’s post. On a day like my today where you don’t feel good or happy or most importantly… festive, there’s only one thing you can do. Plan a Christmas night in. There’s nothing quite like it!

Sadly mine is postponed until Saturday as my sister is having a sleepover tomorrow. yay. That means that Saturday is my festive extraordinaire. Here’s what I’ve planned and a guide for you:

  • Light some candles, especially Christmas ones. Cinnamon ones are my fave!
  • Find your most fluffy and comfy onesie, dressing gown or slippers and put them on the radiator.
  • Face masks are essential, make sure you get one!
  • Lush Christmas products, just your standard
  • A great Christmas playlist
  • Christmas PJs
  • Watch your favourite Christmas film
  • Have a good ole bath, steaming hot with a lotta bubbles
  • Finish or start that book you haven’t read for months now
  • Cuddle with your favourite cuddly toy
  • Get into bed at least 2 hours early
  • Grab some snacks, they don’t necessarily have to be festive treats, but whats a night in with no snacks?
  • Blankets galore, relax
  • Think about how wonderful Christmas will be
  • Think about having 2 weeks off, even better
  • Don’t think about all the work you have to do when you get back after Christmas even though you haven’t even broken up for the holidays yet, oh no, just me?
  • Enjoy your own company, be weird, sing along to Mariah Carey at the top of your voice, dance to Wizard and have a Christmas ball in your bedroom
  • Have a whole lot of festive fun

Sorry this post is so cruddy, as previously mentioned, I’m feeling not so great at the minute and just need some time to pick myself back up. I feel like my bad mood is reflected in all my Blogmas posts and I’m sorry but I really want to finish Blogmas successfully and this just happens to be the worst time of 2016 for me so far. I’m sure by next week I’ll be feeling better, posts will improve I promise! Love you, till next time,

Abby x

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