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Let’s Get Personal.

I did have planned a little stocking fillers post for today but it seems like every other blogger has already beat me round the bush to that one so I decided to do something a little different. If you’ve read me older posts you’ll know that I’m not really that afraid to put how I feel online, I’m willing to share personal experiences in order to help others. Well over the past couple of days my life has went spiraling downhill and I’ve not seen the light yet, its still occurring. I thought that by sharing these feelings online that maybe I’d feel better, or one of you guys would feel better. In the future I hope to come back to posts like this and think about how much better my life is in that moment.

So here’s what happened.

My best friend has decided that she hates me. No reasoning. No prompt. She just hates me. She was a toxic person, full of negativity. I did everything she asked and didn’t ask for anything in return. I listened to her rants every single day and followed her around anywhere she wanted to go. Well tough luck to her now, she has no one to do that for her. We were fine 3 days ago, best friends as usual. This weekend I heard nothing from her butt she was at work so I forgave that, and I was busy so I’d forgotten to even text her. Yesterday she didn’t turn up to sixth form so I sent her a message asking where she was and if she was okay. No reply. Followed by her blocking me on Twitter. Why? I don’t know. I decided to let her cool down a bit because she was probably stressed. The next day in the class that the friend, our friend and I have together she sat in her usual seat. Fair enough. But the thing is that its between me and our other friend (who she is treating the same way, me and her have no clue whats going on!). So she sat between us for the full hour and a half and didn’t say one word, just angrily slammed her stuff around and pushed past us when leaving her seat. We both very nearly asked what was happening but I honestly thought she’d hit me so I left her.

About an hour after we finished sixth form I sent her a message that she couldn’t ignore. I told her that I was confused as to why she’s mad and that I would appreciate an explanation because I don’t know whats happened. She ignored didn’t she! Then blocked me on Instagram and on Facebook. Why? IDK!!!

I still want an explanation, and I don’t plan on talking to her until me and our friend have an apology because in my opinion the silent treatment is childish. Especially when we don’t know what we’ve done and she won’t tell us. I guess I’ll have to update the matter later when things have settled down. Writing this post is probably a mistake but I’m still not even sure whats happened myself. I just know its messed me right up and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now. Probably cry because she’s really going to make me out to be a horrid person and I’m not, I really try my best to be a pleasant person. I’ve lost really close friends before and the last thing I need right now is to lose another one. Either I’m the worst person on the planet or people just love to mess me up and leave me lonely. Whichever reason it is, I don’t enjoy it one bit.

If any of you reading this have experienced this before please do get in touch with advise or help as to how to not let this bring me down please, I’m struggling a lot.

Thanks for reading and I’m sorry that this was depressing and not in the Christmas spirit at all! Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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