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Help with your Santa List.

Are anyone else’s parents in the mad Christmas dash? All I’ve heard for like the past month is “what do you want for Christmas?” and I don’t know I JUST DON’T KNOW! I thought I’d organize some prezzies that you may want or need into categories so that you can clearly see what you may need. So next time a family member asks you want you want, you can let them no, no hesitations.Enjoy 🙂


  • Running out of any of your current makeup?
  • Seen any new makeup that looks good?
  • Need some new straighteners, curlers or a new hairdryer?
  • Got any perfumes that need topped up?
  • Seen any new perfumes?
  • Skin acting up and need some skincare?
  • A good moisturiser is always needed.
  • Can’t go wrong with the Lush Christmas collection.


  • Can you afford to but them shoes you really want?
  • Do you have a cozy but cool winter coat?
  • Seen anything whilst shopping that you loved but didn’t want to splurge on?
  • Do you have Christmas PJs?
  • Slippers?
  • Need some new hangers for your ever growing wardrobe?
  • Need a new bag or purse?
  • Is your school/ work bag still in tact?


  • Book of memories
  • Scrapbook
  • Collection of pictures of you and someone else
  • Handmade cards or presents
  • Christmas treats that you can eat


  • Room decorations
  • Fake plants
  • Candles
  • Pillows
  • A cute rug
  • Suitcases
  • Fairy lights


  • Coloured pens
  • Coloured pencils
  • pens, pencils, ruler, rubbers (the whole malarkey)
  • Files
  • Dividers
  • A diary
  • A planner


  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Yearly planner
  • Wall daily schedule
  • Photoshop software
  • Adobe premiere pro or Final cut pro software
  • Your own URL/ domain
  • Improving photography book
  • Studio lights
  • Background materials


  • Chocolate
  • Money
  • Colouring book for adults (or kids, I’m not here to judge)
  • Recipe book
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Spotify gift card
  • Netflix gift card
  • Gift card for your fave shop
  • A makeover from your fave beauty stand in the pharmacy or makeup department

They were just some options to get you thinking, I’m not a heavily materialistic person so it was hard to come up with this list, hope it helps haha. If you have any other suggestions as always feel free to comment, enjoy your night x

Till next time,

Abby x

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