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Garden Centre Festivities.

Aren’t garden centres just the most wonderful place to be at Christmas? If I wasn’t already feeling festive enough before, I certainly am more festive after today. I basically forced my family to take us to a garden centre about 30 minutes away from where we live after they scrapped the idea of visiting the massive Christmas market at the racecourse which I actually really wanted to go to. I wish I had my own car because I actually would’ve gone myself. It’s far too festive to miss out on!

I guess the garden centre will have to do for this year. I only settled because my mam promised to get the Christmas tree next Sunday! Exciting times.

When we arrived it was packed, everywhere is this time of year but it’s so worth it, right? From the moment we walked through the entrance till the moment we left there was festive goodness surrounding us. There was a walkthrough winter wonderland with lights, decorations, displays and Santa at the exit. I don’t care that I’m 17 I would’ve still met him, what put me off was the queue of 100 little kids all screaming, no thanks.

I got a little over excited and filled the basket with decorations for the tree, I’ve decided on a red and gold theme for the house this year; my parents are just going with it. I feel like every Christmas tree I’ve seen this year on Instagram, Snapchat and in Vlogmas videos have been silver so I’m being traditional and different this year, why not?

The Christmas tree section drove me mad because I knew we couldn’t get one even though they were so pretty and smelt so good. I tried my very best to convince the family that we needed one right now but obviously they weren’t convinced.

We were then faced with the struggles of finding seats and the money for overpriced garden centre food in the café. Garden centre food is a hit or miss situation, this particular one was a definite miss. The only veggie option they had was mushroom based and I’m not a fan of fungi if I’m going to be completely honest with you, they make me gag. So I settled with some Kettle chip crisps (YUM) and the most wonderful hot chocolate, overflowing with cream and chocolate sugar.

After that we went home and I caught up with Vlogmas videos before having an omg amazing roast although it’s just veggies for me I still love it). I am loving Vlogmas this year! Usually I get sick of them but there are some real goodins this year. I’m especially loving Niomi Smart’s Vlogmas. Considering that this is her first year doing it, I really think that hers are the most perfect combination of raw/ real life but also some really fun events. For example when she was home putting up the Christmas tree with her mum, Grandma and sister it was fun to see her in her day o day life but being backstage at the Victoria Secret show, exploring Paris and being on a panel at beautycon is really fun to watch. I hope she carries on doing vlogs.

Are there any youtubers or bloggers that you are loving right now? Leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out (once I’ve done my English coursework that I’ve been procrastinating all day). Hope you’ve been enjoying Blogmas so far and enjoy December!

Till tomorrow,

Abby x

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