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Top 10 Christmas films.

It’s now officially okay to be excited for Christmas and what better way to celebrate than to snuggle up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate watching some great Christmas classics. I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you in case you’re struggling with what to watch this festive season.

  • The Polar Express

As mentioned in my previous post, this is my all time favourite Christmas film. It’s about a boy who struggles to believe in Father Christmas and is invited aboard the Polar Express to find his faith in Santa. Filled with cute songs, loveable characters and Tom Hanks, who could need more?

  • Elf

If you’re after a classic Christmas comedy then this should be your go to! Will Ferrell plays Buddy the elf who ends up in the real world after realising that he doesn’t fit in with the other elves in the North Pole. Here he embraces the Christmas spirit in America with the workers in a shopping mall and finds out Santa from the mall isn’t the Santa that he knows oh so well.

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Family man Clark is desperate to make this Christmas the best for his family by ensuring that they have a better time that anyone else. This results in many hilarious disasters that will make you cry with laughter. This Christmas classic is goofy, funny but at the same time full of love and heart. My family love it!

  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas

College student Jake is lured home with the promise of receiving a Porsche as a gift but struggles to get home in time for Christmas as the football team dump him in the middle of a desert in a Santa suit with no money. This film is a loveable Disney classic about the spoilt boy who learns the true meaning of Christmas on his journey to be home in time for Christmas.

  • Nativity

This British film is about a primary school trying to put together the best Christmas nativity musical extravaganza in order to beat their rival school. Only thing is that the children at this primary school aren’t the most talented kids in the world and with one crazy teaching assistant paired with the uptight teacher, it takes a lot of effort. As the show takes shape the teacher gets into the spirit and they go all out to ensure that their concert beats all rivals. This is by far the funniest Christmas film I’ve ever seen and it’s not Christmas without it!

  • The Santa Clause

Divorcee Scott has custody of his son Eric on Christmas Eve but after accidently killing Santa, he is informed that he must take his place. Over the year he transforms into Santa and realises that his own son must do a lot of work if he wants to make it on to the nice list. This film is a must watch at Christmas! It’s a family feel good film that’ll make you laugh out loud. The Santa clause 2 and 3 are also great films to watch all starring Tim Allen (Buzz from Toy Story).

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas

As the Whos from Whoville enjoy Christmas, The Grinch resents it in his house at the top of the mountain. Nobody from Whoville likes the Grinch and The Grinch hates them back but his feeling start to change as he meets Cindy Lou from Whoville who tries to get him to love Christmas. As the Grinch realises that he is loved by someone, he tries to make the most of Christmas. This film about the importance of feeling loved at Christmas will make you feel all happy inside. Great to watch with the family.

  • A Muppets Christmas Carol

A Muppets remake of the classic Christmas Carol about Scrooge who also resents Christmas, visited by ghosts of Christmas to show him how to love the festive season. Full of love and happiness, this film is a must watch with the whole family, especially if you have children in the family (although this isn’t important as I can watch it and still absolutely love every second of it, I mean who doesn’t love the Muppets?) The whole family will love this one!

  • Home Alone

When left behind on a family vacation, a young boy learns to defend himself from danger and make the most of Christmas on his own. He realises how much his family means to him and embraces family and Christmas traditions as he awaits their return. This is an absolute classic, I watch it even when it’s not winter! If you haven’t already seen it then I highly recommend seeing it this holiday season, it’s on Netflix too so no excuses!

  • Arthur Christmas

I first saw this one when it came out at the cinema for my sister’s birthday and I loved it. When Santa accidently misses out a child at Christmas, Arthur (Santa’s youngest and hopeless son) takes it upon himself to deliver the last present. This is a family Christmas film that will fill you with endless love, a lovely film to watch on Christmas Eve.


Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your favourite Christmas films in the comments, also happy 12th birthday to my sister Emily!

Till tomorrow,


Abby x


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