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Sunday chats.

If you read last nights post then you’ll know that I’m going on a very exciting trip tomorrow. In the morning I set off to Kent for the first time to visit the ITV studios and watch a live taping of one of my guilty pleasure shows, Take Me Out. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to be on a TV set or that Paddy McGuinness will be a matter of meters away form me. On Tuesday I’m heading to London to have a couple of hours in Covent Garden before heading home, I couldn’t be more excited. Travelling with me are two of my closest friends Amy and Zoe so hopefully there won’t be a dull moment in sight, heck I know there won’t be. Now I have to pack and tan and write an essay ready for Wednesday when it’s back to sixth form time. oh no.

Blog post will be coming about my trip  when it’s actually happened 🙂

Last weekend I went to a dance show, I think I mentioned that in last weeks little chat, I thought I’d show you the transformation stage of getting ready. My makeup and hair is a job and a half. Be aware, my naked face is about to bless your eyes, you’ve been warned.

Quite a difference I’m sure you’ll agree. (I’m not really this pale I promise, the sun was shining behind me and completely washed me out! Also, I know I look completely unenthused in the 2nd pic, probs because I spendt ages on the makeup only for the picture to look a little crappy :/ )

This week has consisted of work, work, work. I’ve not stopped! Hence the lack of posts, sorry again for that. I’ve loved blogging for the past few weeks and my little space on the internet is like my baby. I have loads planned but I want it to come naturally which is why I’m ditching schedules, I’ll upload when I want, that way the posts aren’t forced and boring. I hate seeing posts that you can tell the author didn’t feel like writing. That being said I’m going to attempt blogmas and have all my posts planned for that, I hope I can stick to it and complete it. I find something really satisfying about completing a post and so completing blogmas would be so great. Let me know if any of you guys are trying it too!

Yesterday I rekindled my love for the film Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I just love it, the sparkles, the costumes and Christina’s amazing voice! If you haven’t seen it then where the hell have you been?? You’re for sure missing out.

Today has been incredibly lazy so far, I curled my hair for the first time properly in over a year in prep for tomorrow and I loved it, here’s me and my curly hair loving the butterfly filter on snapchat: (again I have no makeup on, sorry)

Thank you for all the likes and comments on yesterday’s post, I woke up a very happy and grateful gal this morning reading your lovely comments. I also love the bodysuit haha 🙂 x

Till next time,

Abby x

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