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Saturday Shopping.

I went shopping for the first time in a while.. not good!

I’m going on a 2 day excursion to Kent and London on Monday and Tuesday and so new purchases are a must. I didn’t get too much so I did pretty good, well done to me!



I got a black lace bodysuit (£18) to wear for a night out on Monday in Kent, you’ll find out where I’m going in tomorrows post. Very exciting event, trust me!

From Primark:


I got a scarf for £4, a cute little hat for £2 and some PJ pants for £6. (I highly recommend these, they are super cheap and comfy!)

Last but not least, from New Look:


I got a black velvet choker for £2.99 to wear with the bodysuit on Monday, a rusty burnt out red/ orange colour blouse for Tuesday £17.99 and a new winter coat for £49.99 (the most expensive purchase I’ve made in a while but worth it, I love it!)

That’s all I got today clothes wise, I also got some travel sized toothpaste, deodorant and dry shampoo etc but thats boring, surely you don’t want to read about which toothpaste I use haha.

Till next time,

Abby x

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