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Too early for christmas?

The past few days have become awfully festive for me which is odd seen as I haven’t been this excited for Christmas (especially this early) for years!

Yesterday I watched the first Christmas film of 2016 for me which was my favourite The Polar Express. This then inspired me to create my Christmas 2016 playlist on spotify eep exciting times!!

I’ve turned on my light up Christmas tree decoration next to my bed and the Christmas film collection has been dusted and removed from the shelves. I’m thinking of doing Christmas themed posts for the first 24 days of December because I’m so excited (have I mentioned how excited I am?)

Me and Amy had our first Christmas costa drinks at sixth form goday with the new super cute cups. We both had a mint hot chocolate, we both highly recommend you try them!

Yes, I’m fully aware that it is mid November but who doesn’t like to be festive? Michael Bublé is playing  in the background right now so I’m  content with life right now, I don’t care how early it is.

I just wanted to share my excitement, if you happen to be as excited as I am (have I mentioned how excited I am?) or if you think I’m a complete saddo, leave a comment!!

here’s the link to my Christmas playlist on spotify: Christmas playlist 2016


Enjoy. Till next time,

Abby x


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