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Sunday chats.

I had planned and taken pictures for today’s blog post but for some reason the pictures won’t transfer and so I’m having to improvise a little tonight. The post I had planned should be up tomorrow.

I’ve decided to write a more chatty / diaryesque style post today so that I didn’t just not post at all and just update you on my life and what I’ve been up to.

Today has consisted of a lot of relaxing and a definite lack of work, I’m currently in bed watching The Polar Express and feeling very festive, too early I know but I don’t really care. My UCAS application for University is being sent off tomorrow, so that I can start receiving offers which is a thought that is extremely scary but exciting.

Yesterday I attended my old dance school’s annual show, it made me really miss it. I danced at that studio from the age of 3 until I was 15 and the past couple of years without it have been not so great. I had a family there and seeing all of my best friends dancing and having so much fun was also not so great, I missed out big time. From now until new years I will try to up my game with fitness and get back to the way I was in terms of fitness two years ago when I left. Whether that’s realistic or not is a different thing all together. If I can do it, I think I’ll go back for the last months before I head off to uni because I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye and move away completely just yet.

Sorry this was so short, that’s all I really have to say, my life isn’t all that interesting. Sorry for the disappointing post but my next posts will be far better I promise. Till next time,

Abby x

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4 thoughts on “Sunday chats.”

  1. Hey! Your life definitely isn’t boring. You’re sending off your UCAS application tomorrow and you watched your old dance school’s show yesterday – that’s pretty interesting if you ask me. And wow, you must be a fab dancer if you’ve been dancing since you were 3


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