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How to clean a beauty blender.

The last thing you want to happen to you on a cold, early morning is for your bedroom light to pop.. Welcome to my life. Luckily I had some extra time this morning to get ready (thank the lord for late starts at sixth form) and so I took my makeup across the hall to the bathroom which had a working source of light.

Whilst I was in there I decided to wash (or at least attempt) my trusty Real Techniques beauty blender sponge.

Easier said then done.

I attempted to get some of the foundation and concealer out of it by just squeezing it under running water but it didn’t exactly work. I got very messy hands, the water scolded my skin and my sponge swelled to the size of a freaking orange. I had a lot of product left in the sponge but I decided it was best to stop there before I ripped it. You see I don’t have an en suite or a source of water in my bedroom where I do my makeup each morning, so I very rarely wash it, mainly because of time limits but partially because i can’t be bothered. Safe to say it was this morning that made me realise the importance of regularly washing your makeup brushes and sponges.

When I had some spare time I searched on google to find someone who had had the same problems as me, so that I felt a tad less like a twat and I found a few don’t worry (we aren’t alone). I saw a lot of gag worthy pictures of mouldy beauty blenders and ones that had far too much product in them and that was when I decided 1- to stop searching for mouldy beauty blender pictures, and 2- to try a method of cleaning mine when I got home.

Luckily I have younger siblings and baby products seem to be gentle yet effective enough to clean anything makeup related. I grabbed some Johnsons baby wash which is available at drugstores and also supermarkets at a cheap price and added s little to a bowl of warm water. I added enough that there were a few bubbles and mixed it in to the water until you could feel the product in the water (if that makes sense? basically when I took my hand out the water I could feel the soap on my hands). I then used my previous squeezing method until the makeup started to come out. Do not squeeze the sponge too hard or it will rip, I learned that the hard way with my first one. When most of the makeup was out and the sponge returned to its orange sized form, I got as much water as possible out by hand, set it on a towel and left it for a few hours by a partially opened window (to air dry it). Do not put it in an enclosed space like a makeup bag or drawer when its wet because apparently that’s how the bacteria grow which causes mould. After a while, mine took around and hour, it should return to its normal size and should feel almost fully dry. Try to keep it out in open space until its fully dry just in case, beauty blenders ain’t cheap.

That’s all I did, simple I know but if anyone else was struggling with this issue then I hope I could be of some use with this post. Now its time for me to actually take off my makeup, which may I add is the worst task in the world, and return to watching how to get away with murder wooo. Goodnight.

Till next time,

Abby x

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