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What is going on with my blog?

Some of you may have noticed that my posts have been a little all over the place recently, I thought I’d take some time to explain.

After taking some time off blogging I thought I’d come back with a bang, I really want to make this work because I love it so much and I really want the best for this blog. Thing is that’s a lot easier said than done, especially in my last year of A-levels when pressure is at an all time high. My laptop is a little on the slow side, its 7 years old bless it and it struggles to keep up with the high demands of blogging, hense why some posts are done on my phone and youtube vids are all edited on my phone.

I’m getting my first IMac laptop for Christmas and this means that not only will my posts be much more frequent (because they won’t take 5 hours each) and the design of my blog will improve as I will finally be able to learn how to do some tricks with this site, I’m having to teach myself everything!

As previously mentioned, I will be doing Blogmas and planning is all sorted. I’m pre writing some of them to ensure that all 24 will be done, even if I’m swamped with essays from sixth form. I wrote day 1 today and I’m so excited to start! This will be my last post until blogmas starts this week on Thursday 1st December and you will be receiving posts everyday until Christmas. If I survive blogmas I will consider doing daily posts in 2017. I’m not going M.I.A, just making sure that everything is sorted before the hectic-ness (is that a word?) starts on Thursday, thanks for understanding! Sorry for the short post!

Till Thursday and the beginning of festive greatness,

Abby x

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Take me out & London.

I’m not even sure where to start!! The past few days have been absolutely MANIC to say the least but  I’ve had the best time away.

Monday morning at 5.30am my alarm went off, the plan was to get up, shower, curl my hair, get dressed, finish packing and be out of the house by 7. That did not happen. Instead I turned off my alarm and fell back asleep. My mam then woke me up at 6 and I cried because I started panicking that I wouldn’t be ready in time. Sacrificed my shower and food to try and curl my hair, shoved everything imaginable into my overnight bag and managed to scramble into the car at 7.15am. Rush hour. We then proceeded to get lost on the way to Amy’s house to pick her up and got to her house at around 8.40am. That should’ve been fine, but did I mention that it was rush hour?

We got to sixth form at 7.58, two minuted before the coach left. Now I’m not one to leave things to the last minute because I get extremely stressed and anxious and I can now assure you that I get it from my mother, she was having a full blown panic attack trying to get us there on time. We were a state when we got there, I’m sure you can imagine that.

What were we rewarded with? Oh yes, a 7 hour bus journey. FAB. We stopped after 4 hours at a service station in Peterborough and got a McDonalds (which was well deserved) . I still hadn’t eaten before this so I was feeling a lot better after this stop. We made it into Kent around 3pm and we were already an hour late might I add. Did you notice that I said Kent and not the hotel? Well that’s because we got stuck in standstill traffic for another hour. We got to the hotel at 4pm which should’ve been fine BUT we had to leave at 4.20pm for take me out. No time for a buffet tea, we sprinted to our rooms to get ready in 20 minutes, which included makeup and a full outfit change. On the way downstairs to get to our room my worst nightmare happened. I went and fell didn’t I. I managed to miss a step and went flying down the stairs. Luckily because I was holding all my stuff and Amy’s stuff it was a well padded landing and it didn’t hurt at all but it definitely looked worse, talk about embarrassing. I’m so clumsy honestly it wouldn’t be a trip unless I did something stupid.

So at 4.20 we were all stuffed onto the coach again for another half hour trip to the Maidstone studios in Kent where take me out was being filmed. After grabbing a few drinks in the bar and waiting around for hours we were allowed into the studio. At bag inspection Amy’s chewing gum was confiscated which upset her dearly but she got it back at the end of the show after storming the table to find it haha.

All 28 of us on the trip were sat in the back section of the studio for a while but then one of the security informed our teacher that there were 5 seats in the front row available for us. Guess who got them?? I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW!! The show consisted of a lot of clapping, dancing and laughing, I loveeeed it! Not only was there an amazing atmosphere and great show, Paddy McGuinness was in touching distance and cameraman extraordinaire Phil Piotrowsky was stood right next to me. I can’t stress enough how much fun it was so if there’s ever a chance to go I highly suggest you check it out. Plus, everyone gets on TV. Find me in the audience ITV’s Take Me Out in series 9, airing in January. Mam I’m famous!!


(Phil for those of you who don’t know him. What a silver fox!)

Tuesday consisted of packing, BREAKFAST and more traveling, yawn. After breaky we had another 2hour 30min journey to Covent Garden. Because of traffic issues we only had 2 hours there but its my favourite place in the world so I didn’t even mind. Zoe, Amy and I had our first Shake Shack which was delightful. I had cheesy chips and the best shack made lemonade I’ve ever tasted. We then had a mooch around the designer shops, we didn’t have enough time to buy anything but just to spend time with my favourite people was enough for me.

The coach back was horrendous, it felt twice as long as the journey there and I felt really travel sick, which I usually don’t get. I slept for about an hour and just rested and chilled for the rest, I was all chatted out and I wanted to sleep haha unsociable much?

I had such a lovely time away, sixth form today was so depressing after having two lovely days off. That’s all for today, till next time,

Abby x

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Sunday chats.

If you read last nights post then you’ll know that I’m going on a very exciting trip tomorrow. In the morning I set off to Kent for the first time to visit the ITV studios and watch a live taping of one of my guilty pleasure shows, Take Me Out. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to be on a TV set or that Paddy McGuinness will be a matter of meters away form me. On Tuesday I’m heading to London to have a couple of hours in Covent Garden before heading home, I couldn’t be more excited. Travelling with me are two of my closest friends Amy and Zoe so hopefully there won’t be a dull moment in sight, heck I know there won’t be. Now I have to pack and tan and write an essay ready for Wednesday when it’s back to sixth form time. oh no.

Blog post will be coming about my trip  when it’s actually happened 🙂

Last weekend I went to a dance show, I think I mentioned that in last weeks little chat, I thought I’d show you the transformation stage of getting ready. My makeup and hair is a job and a half. Be aware, my naked face is about to bless your eyes, you’ve been warned.

Quite a difference I’m sure you’ll agree. (I’m not really this pale I promise, the sun was shining behind me and completely washed me out! Also, I know I look completely unenthused in the 2nd pic, probs because I spendt ages on the makeup only for the picture to look a little crappy :/ )

This week has consisted of work, work, work. I’ve not stopped! Hence the lack of posts, sorry again for that. I’ve loved blogging for the past few weeks and my little space on the internet is like my baby. I have loads planned but I want it to come naturally which is why I’m ditching schedules, I’ll upload when I want, that way the posts aren’t forced and boring. I hate seeing posts that you can tell the author didn’t feel like writing. That being said I’m going to attempt blogmas and have all my posts planned for that, I hope I can stick to it and complete it. I find something really satisfying about completing a post and so completing blogmas would be so great. Let me know if any of you guys are trying it too!

Yesterday I rekindled my love for the film Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I just love it, the sparkles, the costumes and Christina’s amazing voice! If you haven’t seen it then where the hell have you been?? You’re for sure missing out.

Today has been incredibly lazy so far, I curled my hair for the first time properly in over a year in prep for tomorrow and I loved it, here’s me and my curly hair loving the butterfly filter on snapchat: (again I have no makeup on, sorry)

Thank you for all the likes and comments on yesterday’s post, I woke up a very happy and grateful gal this morning reading your lovely comments. I also love the bodysuit haha 🙂 x

Till next time,

Abby x

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Saturday Shopping.

I went shopping for the first time in a while.. not good!

I’m going on a 2 day excursion to Kent and London on Monday and Tuesday and so new purchases are a must. I didn’t get too much so I did pretty good, well done to me!



I got a black lace bodysuit (£18) to wear for a night out on Monday in Kent, you’ll find out where I’m going in tomorrows post. Very exciting event, trust me!

From Primark:


I got a scarf for £4, a cute little hat for £2 and some PJ pants for £6. (I highly recommend these, they are super cheap and comfy!)

Last but not least, from New Look:


I got a black velvet choker for £2.99 to wear with the bodysuit on Monday, a rusty burnt out red/ orange colour blouse for Tuesday £17.99 and a new winter coat for £49.99 (the most expensive purchase I’ve made in a while but worth it, I love it!)

That’s all I got today clothes wise, I also got some travel sized toothpaste, deodorant and dry shampoo etc but thats boring, surely you don’t want to read about which toothpaste I use haha.

Till next time,

Abby x

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My Skincare Routine.

I didn’t post much this week because I had a lot of work for sixth form to do, sorry about that.

For the past 4 years or so I’ve struggled with acne and scarring which has really affected my self confidence. I’d tried everything to try and clear up my skin but nothing (and I mean nothing) seemed to work.. at all.

I really was starting to just accept that I’d have bad skin for the rest of my life until I spotted something that I hadn’t tried before. Bearing in mind that this was 4 years after I’d started to get acne, I was desperate. I ordered a set of skincare items from AVON, which I had completely forgot existed and decided that this was the last straw, after this I was giving up.

These are the products that I ordered in June 2016:


AVON clearskin professional deep pore cleansing scrub, AVON clearskin clarifying toner pads, AVON clearskin professional daily correcting lotion, AVON clearskin blemish clearing overnight treatment.

Its now 5 months down the line and my skin is essentially clear. I rarely get big blemishes the way I used to, no more scarring, no more dry patches and no more lack of self confidence. I can now leave the house without makeup on and not care which is a huge deal for me. I couldn’t recommend these products more, especially if you have had similar problems to me.

I use these products 6 out of 7 days a week and they have worked wonders for my skin, I feel like a new person. You can order them from the AVON website.

(I was not paid to say any of this, these are my honest opinions and they are genuinely products that I have bought and used for the past 5 months and will continue to use).

I will be sure to do an updated routine if it happens to change, till next time

Abby x

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Too early for christmas?

The past few days have become awfully festive for me which is odd seen as I haven’t been this excited for Christmas (especially this early) for years!

Yesterday I watched the first Christmas film of 2016 for me which was my favourite The Polar Express. This then inspired me to create my Christmas 2016 playlist on spotify eep exciting times!!

I’ve turned on my light up Christmas tree decoration next to my bed and the Christmas film collection has been dusted and removed from the shelves. I’m thinking of doing Christmas themed posts for the first 24 days of December because I’m so excited (have I mentioned how excited I am?)

Me and Amy had our first Christmas costa drinks at sixth form goday with the new super cute cups. We both had a mint hot chocolate, we both highly recommend you try them!

Yes, I’m fully aware that it is mid November but who doesn’t like to be festive? Michael Bublé is playing  in the background right now so I’m  content with life right now, I don’t care how early it is.

I just wanted to share my excitement, if you happen to be as excited as I am (have I mentioned how excited I am?) or if you think I’m a complete saddo, leave a comment!!

here’s the link to my Christmas playlist on spotify: Christmas playlist 2016


Enjoy. Till next time,

Abby x

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Sunday chats.

I had planned and taken pictures for today’s blog post but for some reason the pictures won’t transfer and so I’m having to improvise a little tonight. The post I had planned should be up tomorrow.

I’ve decided to write a more chatty / diaryesque style post today so that I didn’t just not post at all and just update you on my life and what I’ve been up to.

Today has consisted of a lot of relaxing and a definite lack of work, I’m currently in bed watching The Polar Express and feeling very festive, too early I know but I don’t really care. My UCAS application for University is being sent off tomorrow, so that I can start receiving offers which is a thought that is extremely scary but exciting.

Yesterday I attended my old dance school’s annual show, it made me really miss it. I danced at that studio from the age of 3 until I was 15 and the past couple of years without it have been not so great. I had a family there and seeing all of my best friends dancing and having so much fun was also not so great, I missed out big time. From now until new years I will try to up my game with fitness and get back to the way I was in terms of fitness two years ago when I left. Whether that’s realistic or not is a different thing all together. If I can do it, I think I’ll go back for the last months before I head off to uni because I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye and move away completely just yet.

Sorry this was so short, that’s all I really have to say, my life isn’t all that interesting. Sorry for the disappointing post but my next posts will be far better I promise. Till next time,

Abby x

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Brittany Murphy.

Today, November 10th 2016 , would’ve marked the 39th birthday of my favourite actress and true inspiration Brittany Murphy.

She is a beautiful soul, a little ray of light and a graceful angel who had a tragic ending. I can’t put in to words how much she means to me and to think of her passing hurts my heart so much. I wish I had a chance to tell her this in person, but until then she’ll stay in my best thought, wishes, dreams and prayers. I love you Brittany x


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My favourite drugstore, affordable makeup.

I am absolutely sick of watching makeup tutorials and reading blog posts on ‘how to achieve this makeup look’ that only include high end and very expensive products. I come from a little village in the North East of England and moneys tight around here, I am currently an unemployed student who can hardly afford the bloody bus fare never mind Chanel or Dior makeup products.

Boots is my go to for makeup and I do tend to stick to what I know in there. I buy a lot of makeup products from the same brands and repurchase products that I like and I want to be more adventurous but that’s hard to do when you don’t have the money to risk it. I decided to show you some of my favourite (and good value for money) products from the drugstores for anyone who may be in a similar situation to me and needs to have faith in a product before spending, enjoy 🙂



Rimmel London wake me up concealer £5.49, L’Oreal Paris true match foundation £9.99

These two products are my holy grail!! Although I rarely wear foundation now (because foundation + travelling on public transport + sixth form etc doesn’t mix well with foundation for me), I always wear this concealer when I leave the house. Both are super easy to blend and have good, medium wear coverage. The concealer is extremely good for dark circles and blemishes, its by far my most repurchased makeup product, I can’t imagine me loving another any more than I love this. The foundation is a great base for makeup and feels super light so you barely even realise its there but still gives good coverage.


Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder £3.99

This is by far the best drugstore powder I’ve ever tested, again it is one of my most repurchased products. This powder is enough on its own to give a light to medium coverage but I mainly use it to set foundation and concealer, paired with these it gives your skin a really velvety feel and very rarely needs topped up, it lasts me all day at sixth form.


Rimmel London lasting finish soft colour blush 020 pink rose £3.99, Maybelline master sculpt 02 medium/ dark £6.99

I use this for blush and contour on my cheek bones. What I love about these products is how long they last. I’ve had both for over a year and used both almost every day, both still have loads of product left and have really nice colours. The blush is a beautiful colour and is nicely pigmented so that a little goes a long way. The contour is super easy to use andd very little product is needed to give a good effect (seriously only use a little, its super pigmented!!). Overall, I would recommend these 100% especially for beginners as they are so super easy to use.


Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser primer £7.99

Apologies for the bad picture, I thought it was in focus. This is amazing, like the others it lasts super long. I’ve been using this one since June and there’s still a long way to go, and this is used every day. Sometimes I use this with no other makeup to even out my skin and get rid of pores, it does far more than that. It makes my skin look and feel flawless and is an amazing base for foundation, my makeup lasts all day with this on. For a cheaper product this works wonders.


Rimmel London brow this way eyebrow gel £3.99, Soap and Glory brow archery £10

These products are my go to for my eyebrows, both are super easy to use and give long lasting results. I apply the brow archery first, I use the pencil side of it first, filling any sparse areas of my eyebrows and giving a faint outline to them. I then use the felt tip/ tint side to draw the ends of my eyebrows, elongating them slightly and giving them a more precise finish. This is my favourite eyebrow product, my only concern is that the felt tip end can dry out easily so it doesn’t last quite as long as other products. I use brow this way afterwards to smooth down any rogue hairs and neaten them up slightly, some days this is needed more than others.

IMG_4897[1].JPGMaybelline lash sensational mascara £7.99 , Soap and Glory supercat eyeliner £6

I was genuinely surprised when I first tried this mascara, I didn’t think it would work very well at all but it works incredibly well and I prefer it other high end mascaras that I’ve tried in the past. Lots of volume, length and it doesn’t lose its shape throughout the day. The eyeliner is a felt tip, mainly because I’m useless at applying it and gen liners are my worst nightmare. This is really easy to apply (even I can do it and I’m useless!) It may take me a while to even out because of my jittery hands but the product itself is amazing and good quality for money, well worth the investment.


No7 eyeshadow palette £10

Unfortunately this doesn’t have a specific product title so i don’t know exactly what it’s called but the No7 eyeshadows have great pigmentation and are super easy to blend so I recommend them all anyways. This specific palette was a gift for Christmas and with it creeping up to us once again I’ve whipped this back out and the warm colours and shimmer is appearing once again. I love this palette a lot so if you find any similar please let me know! This is a really nice alternative to the really expensive ones from places like Urban Decay and probable better quality for money.


Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate Moss 107 £5.49 , Bourjois Rouge edition velvet 10 don’t pink of it £8.99

107 is a really nice dark red lip especially for Autumn and Winter, I love it for a night out or a day in town with friends. It is a little drying so chapstick should be applied before and after wearing it but the colour is lovely and lasts a long time, definitely worth trying out. The Bourjois liquid lipstick is amazing, the colour is a super subtle pink and the product itself leaves your lips feeling super velvety and soft, no chapstick needed (in fact I think I used this as chapstick one time when I was desperate!) Both are lovely colours and products which in the future, I hope to try more shades of. For sure worth the money, both are pretty cheap.

Hope you enjoyed this, if you try any out or have any other suggestions please leave a comment below, as I said before, all products mentioned for £10 or less and are all great quality so if you’re not sure whether or not to try some of this stuff out, I say go for it!

Till next time,

Abby x

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Pictures that represent me.

Just a warning, this will be a picture heavy post.

I was reading a blog yesterday and she had done a tag where you select some of your favourite photos of yourself to represent you and I thought it was cute so I’m doing it 🙂


This is my cousins and I doing a cute family photoshoot. I think I was 4 years old here, cute!! Safe to say we all look a tad different now.


An extremely cute pic of me and my dad when I was very young (around 3/4) and I had an afro 🙂 This is one of my fave pics ever!


Me and my oldest friend Charlotte when we were around 2 years old on a holiday in Holland #nipslip (i’m on the bed with my fave winnie the pooh cap).


Missing just a few years haha, this was 2011 when I was 11 years old sledging at the park with my sister Emily. What you can’t tell from this pic is that we smashed into a brick wall at the end of the slope and I cried because I nearly broke my ankle. Fun times.


This was one of my best memories from school. Me and my friend Rachel collected dirty bottle tops from around the school (even went into some bins) for a project, I’ve never laughed so hard. P.s. We never ended up using any of them for the project but at least it made for a good memory.


I love this pic!! This was in year 9 when my friends Hannah, Ellen and I made a video at lunch being silly and this was the exact moment that we realised that the teacher had caught us. Check out Hannah’s northern soul bag (we were all the rage).


That time me and a possessed Hannah delivered a cardboard cutout of Niall Horan to our friend via bus, we got a lot of funny looks that day!!


This was on the way to a theme park for a school trip in year 8 with my friend Caileigh. Back when facepaint was cool. blugh.. cringe. p.s. dem eyebrows

When Charlotte and I (10 years later) did a yoga pose before dance class and failed miserably!


Yes, we’re still this weird. We were 14 in this picture and evidently, very mature.


Back when I used to make Charlotte do photoshoots with me haha what am I looking at?


My acting debut 🙂 Mary and I doing our thing in the Pantomime.


My first trip to London when I was 14 with Mary and Bethany from dancing, love you guys x


Hannah and I being weird part 2, a year later.


My 2nd time in London with friends outside Madame Tussards 🙂


My last day of year 11 and at my secondary school. Ellie (on the right) had been a friend of mine since we were 3 years old, we were in the same dance class!


My brother Ben and I on holiday in Fuerteventura in 2015 aka my favourite holiday ever.


The first ever picture of me and one of my best friends Amy in year 10.


A very blurry but hilarious picture of me and my sister in the car on the way to my Aunty’s wedding reception after the service. The car was so packed that someone’s suitcase had to be plonked on top of me. This was taken mid roundabout.


Last but not least, a picture of me and Maddie (from some of my previous posts inc. my first one), who I adore. This was just after my 17th birthday this year when we went to meet Kian and Jc. We were more excited than we look on this picture.

That’s it for this post. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, I hope it wasn’t boring. Sorry it’s not beauty or fashion or whatever but I wanted to try something different. Hope you found some of these as funny as I do. If not, heres a pic of me from that same holiday in Holland when I got stuck down  a slide and instead of helping little terrified me, my parents took videos and pictures of me. img_1486

Till next time,

Abby x

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