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A Trip to Normandy, France

Monday 8th August 2016

Dear Diary,

First of all, apologies for not posting whilst away. There was literally not one drop of WiFi anywhere and I was gone for just under two weeks, safe to say I almost died.

Also an unexpected thing happened.. WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND! It was the best surprise ever and my mental age of 7 went absolutely mad with excitement. I’m doing a post about the trip to Disneyland on Wednesday which will include videos as I actually half vlogged it, if you want to see what I got up to.

Posts will now be more frequent as I want to work on developing this blog over the next year. Expect a new post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, I’m excited to see where this blog goes. Enjoy the post ­čÖé x

So, as you may know from my last post, the first day was an early one. I spent 8 HOURS in a car with my family which nearly drove me (literally) insane. Then a 4 hour ferry. Then guess what.. ANOTHER 3 HOUR DRIVE. I will not be doing that trip ever again. We stayed on a campsite owned by the company Siblu in Normandy, France. I’m not sure of the exact location but it was in between the cities of Saint-Lo and Bayeux.

We spent the week on the rural campsite. It was relatively quiet but that may be because the Brits were a serious minority. No one spoke English which was quite hard but the beauty of the place saved it from being a crap time. We visited the Bayeux Tapestry and had a picnic after exploring the village around the Tapestry museum. There was a river flowing all around the village and the streets were filled with colour and liveliness. Bayeux is one of the only places in Normandy that was not left ruined by the second world war and there is so much history everywhere, it is a lovely place to visit if you want to experience culture and learn the history of new places.

Experiencing the history meant that we had to visit the D-Day landing beaches and the war cemetery. We went to three different beaches and saw the tributes that have been left for those who lost their lives during that time, its very overwhelming but beautiful. I saw a remembrance stone┬átributed to a 17 year old male. That has stuck with me to this day because that poor boy was the same age of me and that completely shocked me and woke me up from the day dream that we all have of ‘I’m fine, the world is fine‘ because that’s just not the truth. There are still soldiers loosing their lives fighting for our peace and safety, I’m so glad I have seen this as I feel like now I respect the topic a whole lot more than I did before. I defiantly recommend visiting if you ever have the chance.

Also, I made a video of all I got up to in the week I was in Normandy, the link is here: (it is unlisted, so only you guys with the link can watch it. Let me know if I should make it public or not)

New Disney themed post on Wednesday, till then,

Abby x