Invade my privacy tag

Saturday 9th April 2016

Dear diary,

I am aware that I haven’t posted for 12 days, that is the exact reason why I can not and do not actually keep a diary. Truth is that I have been doing absolutely nothing and have no excuse for not posting. For being so rubbish I decided to to a tag so that you can get to know me better. That is is anyone reads this.

Did you wake up cranky?

This morning, surprisingly not, I was quite impressed that I woke earlier than 11am to be honest but every other morning… Yes. I am not a morning person.

Would you date an 18 year old at your current age?

Yes, I’m almost 17 so I think that would be fine.

Do you prefer being friends with boys or girls?

I have no preference. Most of my friends are girls but being friends with boys can be fun, they don’t mind farting or weirdness and they’re much more likely to keep a secret.

Would you ever smile at a stranger?

Of course, I do it more often than I should even just to people I walk past in the street. I don’t do it all the time though because for the most part I just get blanked or get a strange look in response.

How do you look right now?

Like an absolute nutter. I’m in Minnie mouse PJs with a green face fask on and wet hair.. Great look.

How often do you listen to music?

I like to fall asleep listening to music and also any bus journey must include music, and I use a lot of busses.

Do you wear jeans or sweats more?

Jeans but only because it makes me look more put together and less tired than I actually am. I wish I owned more sweats, I definitely prefer them over jeans.

Do you think your life will dramatically change before 2017?

It could but I wouldn’t expect it. Obviously anything could happen but I can only hope that if something does chamge, that it is for the better.

Are you good at hiding your feelings?

I’m the best! Years of practice. It’s very hard to read me and most of the time no one can guess how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.

Do you care if people talk badly of you?

It depends who it is. I care if anyone talks bad about me but I’m a lot more inclined to feel bad about it if I have and have had a personal relationship with that person. I can usually shove it off, I’m rarely upset.

Name something that you have to do tomorrow?

Finish my work and revise for going back to sixth form on Monday seen as my exams are in like 5 weeks. Uh oh.

Name something that you’ve disliked about today?

The fact that I didn’t finish my work and revise for sixth form on Monday like I had planned.

Are you nice to everyone?

I’d like to think that I am, only time I’m not nice is if I have a reason to.

Does anyone hate you?

Only a handful of people spring to mind, ex friends but that can’t really be changed now and I’m not phased by it.

Are you social or antisocial?

I come across as very antisocial but that’s because I’ve always been quite shy and also due to the fact that my friends live ages away from me. I’m actually a really social person but not a lot of people get to see that side to me.

Are you a jealous person?

Yes, but only when I give people 100% and I only get part of that back because they have someone else that they’re giving 100% to, that annoys me.

If you had to delete one year of your life forever, which one would it be?

2011. By far the worst year of my life and I was only 11 years old. I made a lot of mistakes and was very unhappy that year. I try not to ever think about it.

Did you have a dream last night?

A nightmare actually. I won’t go into depth as it could be offensive but basically Donald Trump won the election and something terrible happened in the shopping centre and my sister and I almost died, I never got to see the ending.

Is your life different to what it was 2 years ago?

Completely. New school, new friends, I had a comfortable routine back then and the best friends I could’ve had but now that’s all changed.

Do you repeat things that have happened in your head?

All the time, the good and bad memories. Usually when I’m in the shower or before I go to bed.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

I want to be successful and happy so that my family (if I have one) van be stable and full of joy. I want people to be happy and if I can make that happen then that’s what I want to do.

That was deep, I’m going to do some more posts like this soon but I have some planned for the next few weeks. Till next time,

Abby x


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